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About ATNC

ATNC means reliability, flexibility, speed, optimal information, automation, custom development, cost savings, and peace of mind for you, your organization, and to your clients!

ATNC provides front-to-back solutions to all financial services firms including asset managers, hedge funds, and mutual funds. We focus on taking the noise out of your business by delivering the best Business Intelligence solutions to your fingertips, re-engineering and automating complex operations, and converting multi-hour, multi-person, arduous, and error prone processes into the few-second, “click button and forget” tasks. With our help you can focus on what you do best - building and managing client wealth!

Our highly skilled team has a combined experience of 60+ years in working at some of the most challenging and diverse environments around the globe. We have a rich experience in overcoming some of the most complex industry challenges such as:

Have something in particular on your mind that is not on our “laundry” list? Not an issue! Contact us to discuss your options.

In short, whether you are trying to streamline some of the most crucial business operations, or are in the market for the speed, reliability and cost savings of the Automation and “Big Data” driven custom application development – you need to get in touch with us today!

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Our business is grounded on custom solutions. Your individual needs drive our solutions. With ATNC at your side, you will experience the peace of mind that speed, accuracy, reliability and cost savings bring to your business processes through advanced technology.

We do this seamlessly; we do this accurately; and we do this quickly!

All our modules can be seamlessly integrated into an Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence Solution that we firmly believe will drive your competitive advantage for years to come.

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